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Eddie Plank

Born just 10 short years after the Civil War, this Gettysburg farm boy would become a Hall of Fame pitcher and still rank among the best of all time.

From 1901-1914 this Gettysburg native would help to establish the Philadelphia Athletics as one of baseball's true first dynasty teams.

His life was cut short by an untimely death, but the Legend of Eddie Plank still lives on.

Learn how this quiet humble man was one of baseball's most feared and respected pitchers in the documentary "Gettysburg Eddie"

The Story
The story of Eddie Plank is an interesting and captivating triumph of a young boy with God-Given Talent and ability who persued a dream and became one of the best at his position. Not only is there a great story on the baseball field but the personal life, hobbies and interests add to this Gettysburg Legend's story. That is why we feel the true story of this baseball great needs to be told and shared with lovers of baseball and history alike. Eddie started tossing the ball at his elementary school under the guidance of one Bob Major (teacher), joined the academy team around age 22 and then started playing in the majors at the age of 25. To start in the majors 5 years after the average player and to put up the numbers that he did, deserves recognition in itself. We will introduce you to the man known as "Gettysburg Eddie". You will be taken back to the turn of the 20th century when Eddie came on the scene as a Philadelphia Athletic under the management of Connie Mack. And that's just the beginning......          
The Documentary

"Gettysburg Eddie" is a Documentary Movie which will tell the Life's story of Hall of Fame baseball great Eddie Plank. Not only will the Documentary talk about his life on the baseball diamond but we will go deeper into his personal life and discover what he did away from the baseball field as well. How did this young boy become so great in such a short period of time? And why did he pass away at such an early age? Why was he so good at rattling his opposing hitters? And if he was this good, why is he rarely ever mentioned with the other great baseball players of his era. 

We plan to uncover and answer these questions and more. In our quest to answer these questions there has been extensive research and contacts made with various individuals that have access to stories or information about Eddie Plank. We have sought for pictures that would help to tell his story as well. In the Gettysburg area Eddie is honored with his name being placed upon buildings, signs, etc. In the Philadelphia area like wise he is held in high regards. Our purpose is to educate the rest of the baseball community and lovers of historical biographies about this Gettysburg Legend. 

We request your help in enabling us to make this a very informative and exciting documentary. If you would have any information or know of any one who would have information about Eddie Plank please click the staff link and follow the directions on that page. Like wise if you have any pictures or any memoribillia of Eddie Plank you would wish to share with us click the staff link. We thank you in advance for your help and support to this project.
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